For consumer repairs, a $80 non-refundable cash deposit is required for an estimate.

We have experienced a large number of consumer repairs over the past few months and currently have a backlog of 6-8 weeks. Please read our repair policy. If agreed and want to book a repair drop off please fill out the form, then send us the $80 nonrefundable estimate fee. We contact you when it's time to bring your unit in and it will be repaired as soon as possible. Industrial repair services are not affected.
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The following list is a small sample of the types of equipment we specialize in:

Tube/ Solid State Amplifiers, Tuners
Receivers, Vintage Car Audio (before 1990)
Pre-Amplifiers, Vintage AM/FM radios
Reel to reel players/recorders, Recording equipment
Cassette players/recorders, Mixers
8-Track players/recorders, Crossovers
Turntables, Vintage Arcade Machines
Home Theatre Equipment, Processors
CD Players/Recorders (incl changers), Sub-woofers
Mini disc players/recorders, Guitar Amplifiers with/without Speakers
Integrated Amplifiers,  Pro Audio Gear
Too many times we have had customers enter our shop armed with information they had gleaned from forums on the internet. Now I for one am all for getting as much information I can on particular subjects before making a purchase but I draw the line on these ‘internet experts’. For the most part these are individuals that seem to have vast amounts of information on virtually any topic known to man kind and dwell solely on the forum sites doling out witticisms to anyone and everyone they can. I have no idea if they have actual jobs as some of these people seem to be on these sites at all times of the night or day. In all fairness there are quite a few that DO have good, if not incredibly informative advice, but by and large these are often far and few between. On the other end of the scale are those that offer horrible, if not dangerous suggestions that more often than not lead to disaster. Over the years we have had dozens of items brought into our shop that have suffered the consequences of these people and it seems the problem is getting worse, not better.
The best (or worst) example of this was a question posted by a customer to a person on one of these forums regarding an amplifier that they had and the person on the forum – whose name a really wish I can put here – sent an email back with diagrams stating that the ‘best way to clean an amplifier was to run it through a dishwasher with the case off at high temperatures, then immediately plug it WHILE WET to dry out the circuits’. This would not only ‘de-solidify the carbon build-up around the capacitors, but also revitalizes the PCB (printed circuit boards) so that the voltage can travel better from point to point thereby giving better sound’. Also contained in the email were 6 attached comments from other people who had apparently tried this with ‘amazing & astounding sonic results’. I really shouldn’t have to explain why this has WRONG written all over it, but should you need further explanation, I think now would be a good time to visit us and we’ll give you OUR tried and tested advice!
I cannot caution people enough when getting advice from the internet as there are simply too many nut jobs out there. If you feel that just because the information is free it has to be true than you are treading a dangerous path. Remember, you are getting advice from someone whose name is unknown, where they are is unknown, phone number unknown, knowledge & experience in electronics unknown, telling you how to perform surgery on audio equipment that may be irreplaceable or hideously expensive, and IF something should go horribly wrong who can you blame? Just be careful. “

Educate yourself – the websites worth checking out!

Hifi Collective

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Why repair my old stereo when I can buy new for $200.00?

Remember the adage: YOU ONLY GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! Today’s systems just aren’t what they
used to be unless you’re purchasing the higher end models and I don’t mean the receiver that costs
$200.00 either. The stereos of yesteryear were big, built to last and above all else reliable. Repairing
something ‘old’ may seem crazy when you can buy a new item like a DVD player for $19.99 and new
speakers for about $29.99 as well as a complete ‘surround sound’ stereo system for the price of a tank of
gas! But what will that get you? New products from names no one has ever heard of are bursting on the
market everyday with prices that are simply too low to believe! I do not know about you, but before I
plunk down a chunk of cash I want a product that has some history behind it.

2.Is my receiver, stereo or amplifier is worth fixing?

The first indication as to whether or not to invest any money in your unit - is it's age. The older the unit,
the more likely it is that you DO want to spend money on it. The second indication is it's weight. If it
requires both hands to pickup, and you risk a hernia lifting it... Its definitely something you want to invest
in. If your receiver has a dial string tuner, you wont easily replace it's sound with what is available today
for less than a grand! If you can pick the unit up with your pinky finger, well, forget it - go buy something

The silver faced units are almost a given that they are worth investing in. Some older black faced units
are also worth your time and money to get them repaired or restored. Just depends on the model. You
can do a quick search on ebay and see what they are going for - be sure to check the 'sold' ones. With
few exceptions, if it's selling 'good used' for around $50 - well, it's definitely time to go shopping for a new

3. What kind of services are you offering?

We do offer Repairs, Refurbishing, Upgrades and Custom Works.

4. What is the difference between repair and refurbishing?

The repair is replacements off all defective and weak parts. Adjust bias and DC balance for
Amplifiers.Clean and lubricate all potential meters and switches.Burn in for 48 HR after repair. Final test
unit, including distortion and maxim output measurements.
When you want your unit refurbished beside repair, we replace ALL capacitors, relays, belts, light bulbs.
Readjust bias, calibrate VU-meters, tune up IF for Tuners.
We also do Upgrades and Custom works too.

5. What is your warranty?

1Year from the date of pick up.

6. If my equipment got defective again under warranty how much is it going to cost me?

If no external causes provoked the failure then just have to pay the cost of the new part.
But if the customer fault that the unit got defective again (EXPL: you took home the repaired Amplifier
and while hooking it up the speaker wires where shorting the output of the Amplifiers and the unit blow
up ), then you have pay the 50% of whole repair again.

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