Industrial Electronics

We repair many makes and models of electronics. From single circuit boards to sophisticated
drives and servo controllers to just about anything you are using in your operations.
Our team of qualified technicians will restore it to original operating specifications, often at
substantial savings.
Not only can we help you reduce your repair costs and simplify your outsourcing requirements,
we eliminate the “fire-fighting” headaches, leaving you free to focus on your core business

Our offering includes:

Fast, guaranteed repairs of all brands
A hassle-free, one-year warranty.
A comprehensive component-level repair shop
The latest diagnostic test equipment

Service calls

Component level circuit board repairs
Static and Dynamic load testing
Reverse Engineering
Rework Solutions

Design and Manufacturing custom circuits and test stands

Test Evaluation
Calibration (test equipment)

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Below is a small list of the units we repair

Analog and Digital Circuit Boards, AC Variable Frequency Drives
VFD Drives, Card Access Security Systems
AC or DC Servo Drives, Spindle Drives
CNC Machine Tool Controls, Clutch and Brake Controls
HVAC Control Systems, HMI and displays
PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controllers), CPU’s and Processors
Power Supplies, Heat trace controllers
Timers, Counters
· Encoders, Lasers and Laser Systems
· Chart Recorders, Temperature Controllers, SCR Assemblies

Servicing Clients WorldWide

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority


1 year warranty

Our warranty is ONE YEAR, not intended to make a quick money and run, we stand behind our reputation and quality of workmanship.

Qualified & Professional

Sigma Electronics has 35+ years of professional experience. 


Fast turnaround time

This depends on parts availability and shipping methods

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is it cost a repair?
Usually is 60% or less of a new part price.
2. What is your warranty?
1Year from the date of pick up.
3. If my equipment got defective again under warranty how much is it going to cost me?
If no external causes provoked the failure then just have to pay the cost of the new part.
4. What kind of parts are used to repair our equipment?
We use OEM manufactured parts on all our repairs. In case of an obsolescence, we use a higher graded parts. For example: Nichicon 100 uF capacitor rated at 50 Vdc and 85 deg C will be replaced with the same manufacturer, Nichicon 100 uF rated at 63VDc at 105 deg C product.
5. What is the typical turn around time?
We try to return your unit in 2-3 weeks time. Depending on parts availability and shipping method. Most parts are coming from USA so overnight shipping cost extra.
6. Can we get a discount on repairs?
Yes if the volume of your business surpass our yearly minimum. Please contact us for details

We service this kind of equipment

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